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ASIA/PHILIPPINES - The Church to voters: "Think of Christ when you vote"

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Posted on: 05/10/16
Manila - Keep Christ in mind, when you vote in today's election, May 9: is the exhortation addressed to the voters by the Philippine Church on the occasion of World Communications Day, celebrated yesterday.
"By exercising our sacred duty of voting, we must always think of Christ before speaking, communicating, acting" said Fr. Chris Arthur Militante, spokesman of the Archdiocese of Palo. Sister Gemma Ria Dela Cruz, of the Daughters of St. Paul agrees, inviting to "put love and the mercy of Christ at the center of the important political exercise this year", following the criterion of "truth in love" as a guide for voters in choosing the national leaders.
"It is urgent to vote for peace. The vote for peace means the choice of candidates who will work for just and lasting peace" and "see public service as a means to work for the common good", said the Philippine leader of the Ecumenical Peace Platform organization , which brings together Christian organizations of different denominations. The forum highlights those men who "know how to deal with the challenges of social justice and the need for fundamental social and economic reforms, touching the issues of poverty and inequality, the roots of the armed conflict in the south of the country".
In past days Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Archbishop of Manila, during a Mass in the Cathedral of Manila, said that "the election of a candidate is a blessing and a great responsibility". The elected is called to "fulfill the dreams of the people and the common good". The Church has proposed to all candidates to sign a symbolic agreement that commits them to be "truthful, responsible, transparent and honest".


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